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Shove killing
June 28th
15 minutes
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Re: Silverstein
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Subsection D: Theft
Theft of all legitimate kinds (intended game processes) is allowed among characters in the server. The theft of both valuable and invaluable objects is equally permissible provided that it does not violate one of the following specific circumstances:


      You are not allowed to steal special items that cannot be obtained within the normal scope of the game such as the lightning blade.

Punishments for offenses of the type of the first two bullets will be derived from Section 7, Subsection B with Severe Emphasis. Punishments for offenses of the type of the last bullet will be derived from Section 7, Subsection A.

Subject Silverstein will return the illegally mugged item, Subject Silverstein will present a public acknowledgment as to the understanding that his / her actions were wrong / illegal.  Subject was jailed for 50,000 sec to ensure compliance, and will remain in jail until all requirements have been met.
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