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Title: MilkShape 'n Zed
Post by: Lidge Farkley on July 31, 2004 10:50 pm CDT
Here's some place to discuss the Milshape and ZED setup/use/editing/importing, etc...

Posted: Jul 31, 2004 6:19am GMT    Post subject:  

I have a dts converter for .ms3d files. Just install it to your Milkshape folder. Enjoy ... (

(Copy and paste into browser)

 Posted: Jul 31, 2004 10:19am GMT    Post subject:  

Thanks, I found one on garagegames.

I also learned I can export .dwg files into .3ds, So now I'm only limited on what I can texture decently.

Just one more thing, I've never done this before, so I need some information on how to register it with Tribes.
I've tried regestering it like a new dis (but for a staticshape)
Just placing it in tribes rpg directory and making a weapon use its shape file.
Same thing in base directory on Base TRIBES
Trying to register and add it to the editor.
And well thats all I can remember, has anyone done this recently?

Post by: Lidge Farkley on July 31, 2004 10:56 pm CDT
Thanks for the recon FrieD!

I am a dunce and didn't even look past the milkshape site archives... doh!

Anyway, to answer you Hersh, I do not think you need to register the information with the Tribes Engine on a "registeruserobjects" list for player models and such, but I could be wrong.

I looked at the Screaming Fist mod and TRPG mod files to check this (though I am still looking) and have not found anywhere that this needs to be registered with the registeruserobjects file.

I remember reading a site long ago that said some thing about this... so I will try to find that again!  *edit*  I found the site but it is not much help in the ways of model additions... it says to rename them to replace old models.


If I were you Hersh, I would just name them what I wanted, add them, then make an item that references them as the model file... startup trpg and see if you can give it to yourself... and see if it looks good in game.
Post by: Lidge Farkley on August 1, 2004 02:48 am CDT
Additional Helpful tools: ... (

(yes.... you have to get a file planet login... I would host it on my site but I am out of space!)

This file contains a few things:
TRIBES Player Models Release

This zip file contains three separate zip files:

- contains the 3DSMax plugins needed to view
and modify the player armor shapes.

- contains the actual MAX shapes for the heavy
armor, male and female light and medium armors.

- contains the dbShow tool, which allows you to
view the shapes without loading up TRIBES.

  Please note that the dbShow archive contains a batch file
called MapArt.bat, which requires picaNew.exe and mpMerger.exe
to work.

I don't think that converter/exporter for the .dts works for the actual player models or the weapons... but I would be very wrong.  I have only read it working for tribes 2, though none of the sites I found mentioned if it worked for Tribes 1 or not.

Did it work Hersh?  It would be awesome if it did... and it would justify my 20$ going to MS3D!
Post by: Hersh on August 1, 2004 02:29 pm CDT
I'll tell you as soon as I get home.,
Thanks for the help Alc.

Edit: Apparently naming it the same as an existing one doesn't work.
Post by: Lidge Farkley on August 2, 2004 11:51 pm CDT (

I don't know how much that helps... but I figured I would submit it as a reference for adding specific volumes to the trpg .mis files.
Post by: Hersh on August 3, 2004 05:34 pm CDT
Heh, it would for those who are adding .dis files.
 I still havent come up with an answer to get the .dts into tribes. Although I did learn there are multiple types of .dts and supposedly only one works for tribes. I plan to try a few different ones when I get a chance.

Post by: Lidge Farkley on August 4, 2004 09:37 pm CDT
Yeah... I figured that was for volumes of dis and texture type files... oh well!  It might still help some one.

I had heard about the multiple file type .dts as well.  Unfortunately I think that plugin is for tribes2 (though I could not find an exact download match for the link FrieD posted.)

Hmm... I think I might register on the MK forums and challenge them to make a tribes 1 .dts exporter... or die in a Mortal Kombat!

I should really re-write the ZED stuff on my site... and then repost that!
Post by: FrieD on August 6, 2004 04:29 pm CDT
heres the site that i got it off of. they have some different things. not sure if it will help or not. ... px_a.shtml (