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Title: Development
Post by: Bovidi on March 20, 2014 06:12 pm CDT
Bah, first message wasn't posted.  Oh well...going to try writing this again a bit more quickly.

So I have a few things that I have been working on for the last few years....below you will see a brief overview of what it is, as well as links/attachments to the stuff.

Visual BMP:
Experimental....not the best converter...but it does server it's purposes *ie transparencies...but hard to do*

Beta Volumer:
Basically a volumer for tribes....I gave up on this project a while ago, but still might be handy for some people

Models: Attachment...I will attach this in another post...the file size is about 12MB but it contains different animals or creatures (bat, dog, dragon, horse, a man on a horse, small rpg player, large rpg player, etc)

Plugins:  Attachment...will post in another link....the google code one is out of date.
Using the mem.dll plugin that nofix posted, I created plugin modules to help along tribes.
Examples would be
String plugin - misc functions that replace the RPG string functions *insanely a few cases 50x faster than RPG code*
Math Plugin - trig stuff, and log
Patches Plugin - Fixes the export which DosFix broke (And improves export to be better than the built in tribes 3000+ characters per variable).  Also allows detection of terrain/dis collisions...this is however hasn't been fully tested by myself yet...but should work
Graphics Plugin - Mostly for client-side, this allows you to tweak the look of tribes a bit (like no more green lines).   For server side though, you can enable setskin to work for AI's!
Title: Re: Development
Post by: Bovidi on March 20, 2014 06:19 pm CDT
I am having trouble uploading the model Particle if you want it just dm me.

Anyways for mem.dll one anyone could benefit from it...also as a point I won't release the source code, except to a select few people in the RPG community (The reason is that the source for a few of the plugins might make cheating too easy)
Title: Re: Development
Post by: KoRo on March 20, 2014 08:07 pm CDT
I don't understand 90% of what you said, but if I understand the 10% correctly, will the plugins such as String plugin replace previously-scripted functions such as Match::String() from Presto?
Title: Re: Development
Post by: Bovidi on March 20, 2014 11:12 pm CDT
Not presto strings.

For the string plugin it has the following string well as the notes that came along with it

String::len(%str) (about 10 times faster)
String::substr(%str,%begin,%len) (fixed the %len limit that came with tribes) (string::newgetsubstr is now pointless)
String::replace(%str,%old,%new) (5 - 10 times faster, 50x faster if your using the old tribe script functions)
String::clipTrailing(%str, [%alpha]) (String::clipTrailing(%str, "1234567890") == clipTrailingNumbers(%str))
   %alpha is a list of characters that will be clipped from the end
   if %alpha does not exist (String::clipTrailing(%str) it assumes 0-9, but is optimized)
String::CopyUntil(%str, %find) Copies until it finds %find as a value/str...does not include %find in copy
String::getWord(%str, %seperator, %word) returns %seperator when it can't find a word
Title: Re: Development
Post by: Bovidi on March 24, 2014 01:51 pm CDT
So if you have Tribes 1.40 (the updated one) you could play 1.11 tribes, except the RPG can't be played.  So here is a quick link to just the RPG portion.  This should be compatible with Particles (and any other RPG server which doesn't use lasthope).!jFogCSBZ!uhFFEDF3Gcq8y83W3_gIHrJIZ6bgjIWdHDpg4Po9b90
Title: Re: Development
Post by: Bovidi on March 24, 2014 04:25 pm CDT
Decided to post some screen shots of a few characters....they were just items so I didn't get the correct screen shots of them before they disappeared.  But it should give a good indication.

As a note they are actual playable characters (animation and all)