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Common Topic Symposium / Re: Hello, Anyone There?
« Last post by KoRo on July 11, 2020 02:13 pm CDT »
Believe it or not, some of us still lurk around from time to time. Haven't been on the server in a year or two but I might pop back on in a few weeks.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: Hello, Anyone There?
« Last post by Vivaxx on June 23, 2020 10:26 pm CDT »
If you e-mail he will probably help you. A few years ago he even gave me my password on Christmas day.
Common Topic Symposium / Hello, Anyone There?
« Last post by JayJay on May 28, 2020 02:07 am CDT »
Hey Guys,

JayJay here, I'm looking to recovering my old CHAR login.  I haven't been on in a while, but I'm happy see that we are still keeping the PCRPG spirit alive.  I happened to reinstall the game and I was happy to see PCRPG action on the server list. Heck, I think PCRPG peaked at 8 players at the time I refreshed the server!  I know a bunch of us move on to new games or died, but the last of us should at least hop on for a few more PK's!
Common Topic Symposium / Re: Star Trek: Picard
« Last post by KoRo on May 13, 2020 10:19 am CDT »
Well IIRC I think cbs all-access is free* for the time being given the whole COVID thing.

*in that they'll still ask for your credit card info but just not charge you for the time being. Take that for what you will.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: Website updated
« Last post by KoRo on May 13, 2020 10:18 am CDT »
How funny, I vaguely recall visiting a while back and finding a blank page. Silly me, I should have said something. Thanks for the update!

*Edit* I lied. Must have been confusing one old website for another. Either way though, thanks for the consistency :D
Common Topic Symposium / Website updated
« Last post by Particle on February 29, 2020 05:27 pm CST »
I've finished updating the website to work with PHP 7.x.  With 5.x being end of life and security updates being no more, it was time.  It's not terribly exciting, but now you can look at my circa-2003 website in 2020 using the latest technology!

My motivation definitely had nothing to do with my web host hard dropping support for 5.6 and my website being a broken blank nothingscape due to being incompatible with 7.x.  Definitely not, no sir.  It may take a bit for the site to come back online everywhere.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: Star Trek: Picard
« Last post by Particle on October 8, 2019 08:18 pm CDT »
I'm really hoping they release it on Bluray eventually.  CBS did it with the first season of Discovery, so there is hope.
Common Topic Symposium / Star Trek: Picard
« Last post by KoRo on July 21, 2019 03:46 am CDT »
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I don't game like I used to and it bothers me
« Last post by KoRo on July 20, 2019 05:38 pm CDT »
lol, turn it back into the wild west like it used to be? I'd enjoy a good PvP or TvT game. Rumor has it Alpha will be starting a TvT server in a week or two if anyone is interested in hopping in there. Would be nice to get the band back together, and not just for afk chatting
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