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Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by KoRo on March 16, 2022 01:51 am CDT »
Nice, yeah I did something similar. A whoooole bunch of various checks and if one of them didn't pass -> reset and try again. Same deal with the 4 different spawn points. Never did get a bash reset working though. The challenge I was facing was that Tribes would periodically crash/disconnect from the server for no apparent reason. I couldn't get the script to work outside of the server, so i could never figure out how to have it reset the program. Nowadays of course I'd write a new script that operates entirely independently (.bat maybe? It'd be tricky but I might be able to do it in Python or C++).
I'll be there, but I'm gonna start again now  :) Can't get to RL 80085 without logging in!
In just 4 months PCRPG will be 20 years old. Maybe there will be some type of event? Ha, probably not. But I'll make a calendar event to remind me to log in that day. I encourage others who still lurk to do the same :)

Edit: I realize now that the 20th anniversary was in 2021, and has passed in silence. At any rate, I will still plan to log in for the 21st.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by DaTheif on July 7, 2021 08:59 am CDT »
I handled most problems pretty simply by just resetting. I would check if I'm hitting the mobs or not by resetting the counter every time I got a "you hit x for x damage message". If the message wasn't seen for more than 60 seconds then I decided I was no longer close enough to get exp and would reset.  Missing them was also acceptable, as long as I'm in the room with the mobs, I would level up eventually.   Other than that, if anything went wrong I would reset. I did this by teleporting back to the entrance and walking again.

If I was bashed, I would start attempting recalling. Once recalled (It would always happen eventually, and usually quickly) I would teleport back and start killing again. 

Since there are 4 possible spawn points for tenebrous cavern, I made 4 routes that met up just inside the cave. Then had 1 route that got me into the part of the zone that the mobs were at. I checked position using #trackpack and would place a pack in a spot I couldn't be shoved to. This was the only thing I had to do manually. Set the pack, face north east and let er go.

There were a handful of other fixes I had to implement along the way. Being overweight, I'd drop coins at storage. If I had too much weight I would drop anything not necessary in my inventory. 

If you have any specific questions about it I'll check back here every so often. Or hit me up on discord Ty#2296
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by KoRo on May 1, 2021 12:50 pm CDT »
That's awesome! I think I stopped around RL 5000. Like you, I wrote my own auto-remort script. I think I really learned how to start thinking like a programmer thanks to Tribes. That was a good challenge. I'm interested in hearing how you implemented yours, how you handled problems, checked your position, etc.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by DaTheif on March 23, 2021 02:08 pm CDT »
Congrats ! How many years did it take?!

I believe it took just under 2 years of 24/7 remorting.
In actual time I think it was about 3 years since the server would go down, or I would crash, or go on vacation or something and not be near my machine.

Typically I'd just setup my script every few days again and let her run. And boy did she run. About 25-30 remorts a day depending if it got stuck or not.

It was a learning process in the beginning but over those few years I've smoothed out the script to where (almost) nothing can stop it from getting back on track and remorting again.

Well I'm impressed.  =)  That's absolutely nuts.

Thank you, sir!

All in all, I had a lot of fun writing the script. I love automation and writing AI's.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by Particle on February 16, 2021 10:11 pm CST »
Well I'm impressed.  =)  That's absolutely nuts.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by Riddle on February 8, 2021 01:02 am CST »
Congrats ! How many years did it take?!
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by DaTheif on January 16, 2021 05:15 pm CST »
Not really, I've been the only one online for months.  There have been a handful of people playing over the last couple years though.  Would be cool to get a few more people in here once in a while.
Common Topic Symposium / Re: I did it boys.
« Last post by Vivaxx on January 16, 2021 12:24 am CST »
Congrats. I remember when it was a big deal that eViL was RL ~320 back in 2002.

Are people still playing these days?
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