Author Topic: A Few Notes on Development [Check Before Posting]  (Read 6842 times)

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A Few Notes on Development [Check Before Posting]
« on: June 8, 2004 08:31 am CDT »
I'm going to put a few notes regarding development for PCRPG here.  Hopefully, this will help you out if you are wanting to contribute or you just want to know how to make prefabs, etc.

Where do I find tools for making Tribes prefabs?
This matters on your preference of editor.  If you prefer WorldCraft, there is a guide that can help you at Hosed's site somwhere, but I can't find it anymore.  You'll probably have to post in the Assistance forum to get started.  You will need the TribesTools package from this place.

If you prefer to use the Radiant editor, goto my half-arsed guide and follow the instructions.  You'll need a little sense if you are to finish it I don't support my tools.  These tools do work quite well as far as I can tell.  Make sure you've got the .NET framework (check Windows Update).  This is my favorite Tribes prefab method.

I, uh, don't want to contribute to PCRPG but another project.
I guess that's fine too.  This forum is mainly about PCRPG development, but if you want to talk here about another project that's okay.  Well, so long as it isn't entirely non-related.  If you are working for some other RPGish project, we can still benefit from your discussion.

I need image hosting for the pictures of my prefab. might be the fastest method, but if you want hosting, I will host your images at

I will host larger images than most free hosts, so some times it might be necessary to use me.  Just email the pictures to one of my email addresses and I'll put them up promptly.

I want to program/prefab for PCRPG.
Cool.  Let me know by emailing me and if you're serious about taking a commitment to the project, I can give you something to do.  It's obvious that I don't have much energy left for PCRPG in Tribes 1, but if you've got some then we can still make improvements to the game.

How can I load prefabs into Tribes?
I have a guide on this at
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« Reply #1 on: June 8, 2004 09:21 am CDT »
whats a prefab???  :oops:
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essentially a model.
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