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Quest Ideas
« on: August 16, 2004 04:00 am CDT »
Recently I've found ways to accomplish things I couldn't do before, like imitating #if commands without having access to it by using clientside scripts.

My goal is to make a questbot (somewhat similar to tokath), a bot that runs most scripts clientside, which relieves a little stress on the server and opens up a lot of possibilities on my what can be done.

I want to get some ideas for quests you people are interested in.

Things I’m looking for: Things that do not require an admin’s supervision, things that players can get some real use out of, things that are fun, but still require some challenge.

things that do not involve packs filled with items to appear in front of you

Some ideas of things I've started working on, and I’ve finished a few, is gambling style bots. I have a simple working sex change bot that will change your sex for you. I also have a bit more complicated Russian roulette bot, which provides you with free packs, but also has a risk of dying when picking up one of them. I'm also trying to work on a script that tosses you and a pack in the air, and you have to try grabbing it, like clay pidgins. Also I would like to work with gladios since he has some good admin ideas, like the sniperbots. I also need some quests/challenges that are good for beginners, people under level 30 for example, something with little rewards but easy enough to do.

All my quests follow some simple guidelines: There is always some risk, or luck involved.  Don't expect to get packs of 10 dusts from my quests. Consideration has to be taken for people of varied levels.
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