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Updated Rule Sheet
« on: June 20, 2007 12:06 am CDT »
This is the most relevant forum I can post this in.
These are updates to the rules on the server. These are to be read as clarification to and in addition to the rules posted at

These rules will probably be updated themselves, as needed, for further clarification. If it comes down to arguing over exact wording and definitions, the Admins and PKs are trusted and expected to interpret the rules to their best ability.
For instance, "You are not allowed to kill RL0s" does not just mean you can't kill them. It also means you cannot attack them.

Section 1, Subsection A - Spam
Spam rules are well known and you should know what's allowed. Bombarding Tokath with things to make him reply (tokath define poutine), while can be amusing, can also be considered spam. Feel free to use him, but use in moderation.

Section 1, Subsection D - Shoving
Shoving players into bots to make them die will count as a kill on the shover's part. If the shover is out of legal killing range, and/or has already met his kill limit for the day, the shover will be punished for out of range killing and/or over killing.
In addition, using #shove to damage a player to low health in hopes that they will kill themselves as a result is also not allowed.

Section 1, Subsection E - Zone Hoarding/Blocking
Zone Hoarding/Blocking now includes any instance of a player purposefully hindering the ability of another player to level. Things like healing or shielding bots, for instance. Standing in places to purposefully draw bots away from players to endanger them is also considered Zone Hoarding/Blocking.
Hoarding comes in to effect when a player kills bots in a zone in which he has no real purpose. A level 80 God, for example, has no real purpose in Minotaur's Lair as they can get better EXP in alternate zones.

Section 1, Subsection G - Stealing
Two items per 30 minutes through mug or pickpocket. If a player is AFK, they are open to be mugged for whatever items they may have. If the player returns while they are being mugged, and you have taken two or more items, you must wait 30 minutes to mug again. You do not immediately get 2 non-afk mugs.
A player may carry out one revenge kill per 'failed to mug' message received. The revenge kill must be used within 24 hours of the attempted mugging. There are no revenge kills on successful mugs as these muggings cannot be verified.
The revenge kill does not count towards the PK limit and RL0 rules do not apply. Out of range rules also do not apply to revenge kills.

Out of Range Mimic Kills are not allowed under anycircumstances.

Players should take screen shots of failed mug messages if they intend to carry out their revenge kill to keep records in case the kill is contested.

Section 1, Subsection H - PK Rules
Clarification, New Rule
Non-House PK rules are as follows:
3 kills on one player within a 24 hour period. The 24 hour period begins following the final kill.
Total kills for any 24 hour period cannot exceed 15 kills beginning after the 15th kill.

House PK Rules are as follows:
6 kills on any one housed player within the mentioned 24 hour period. Killing non-house players is limited to 3 kills.
Total kills for any 24 hour period cannot exceed 15 kills, beginning after the 15Th kill.

Except in house kills, players agreeing to fight may exceed the kill limit. House kills cannot exceed the 6 per player/15 per 24 hour period.

Mimic kills out of range are not allowed under any circumstances and will be punished severely.

Section 1, Subsection H-2 - Power Ranking
New Rule
Power Ranking. Power Ranking is the use of two characters in a house where one is used to kill another to increase the rank points of the former. This is not allowed.

Paying or offering items to players to join a house for the purpose of gaining rank points is also not allowed.
Players caught engaging in Power Ranking will be removed from house and their levels or remorts gained from the point of power ranking will be removed.

Section 1, Subsection L - RL 0 rules.
New Rule
RL 0 players are off limits to all players over RL 1 level 101. Players under RL1 level 102 can treat RL0 players as normal (PK/Mug). If a player is attacked by an RL0 player, that player is free to defend him/her self.
An RL0 player is safe up to level 101, if they proceed to continue leveling past 101, they are no longer protected by the RL0 rule and cannot attack or mug RL0s who are below level 102.

Section 1, Subsection M - Double Logging
New Rule
Double logging has recently been allowed. The characters cannot be used to power level or power rank. In the event of a full server, double logged players should remove one character.
If you are active on one character, the secondary character is considered AFK and will be treated as such. You double log at your own risk.

The Lag Limit
The server appears to lag a lot once the player count hits 19+. In response to this, if the server has 18 players or more, players are asked to remove one of their two characters to make room for more players.
PKs/Admins, please ask for volunteers to drop. If none are found, to promote fairness, all double logged characters should be asked to leave.
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Added Double Logging Limit rule.
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