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Astal misuse of Pk
« on: February 25, 2009 06:43 pm CST »
hello Part we need something done with Astal's miss use of his pk rights
i logged in (YeTi Playing MegaTrons character)awhile ago to the server and i see Astal and eynassy and EViL_iNC and AwwIsDead and everything seemed normal but it wasnt and again it has to do with Astal and his Ignorance torwards others.
this person has No Intentions of obeying by the rules, HE uses his pk rights to Jail people because they are Afk and he cant find them to kill them and throws EViL_iNC into Jail? thats not what a pk is supposed to do , unless things have changed that much..
heres the screens of this Event..

Astal Gloating over taking all of eynassy's LCK

heres right after Astal tells the server he doesnt play anymore cause he has a life

EViL_iNC asking me for my Help with Posting for our current Problem

Astal's way of dealing with his Vendetta's

I surely hope we can come to some kinda Problem solving solution with this Smuck, he's not a good Benefit to this server, he's been talked to by me on several occasions about not recruiting people to Troggies RPG and leaving the people who come here alone including our Oldbie players



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Re: Astal misuse of Pk
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2009 07:30 pm CST »
There's nothing in those screenshots that show he's doing anything wrong.  >_>  All this looks like is an attempt to start drama.  Posting something like this in a public place instead of discussing it in private does nothing but create drama.  It solves no problems and draws the trolls in.

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Re: Astal misuse of Pk
« Reply #2 on: April 6, 2009 08:37 am CDT »
If you're avoiding a pK trying to #mug you, there's nothing wrong with that.
As a point of history:  Our last server clear was on September 27, 2004.  That is 4963 days ago (13.6 years) as of today.

If you're visiting after a long hiatus and have forgotten your password, try emailing me via the support form at

If your character is from after the 2004 clear but appears to have been deleted or reset, chances are it was caught in one of the inactive account purges over the years.  Backups were made before such events, so try the support form.