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« on: May 7, 2018 08:24 pm CDT »
sooo guys ive lost my home (two months ago) and have been living outside here in Philadelphia.  I could really use some help.  if anyone would be will to say let me crash upon their couch I would more than welcome a change in scenery (leave philly).  I have a drivers liscense here in pa if that matters and would immediately seek employment.  uhhh if you cannot put me up I can use some money...   really really need help here.  oh im crippled kinda now.  I have to use crutches (have been on them since last year july) to get around as i was attacked in a robbery.  ki was hit upon my knee with a hammer four times and after beating a staff infection and having an operation, my knee has been left locked at fifty degrees.  uhhh it was twenty dollars too lol 2 fives wrapped around ten ones looking like much more.  uhhh again really need help here down and almost out.  my facebook is Michael Swaggle.  hit me up on there if not here
this is Shorty signing out.

lol much love guys and hope you are all doing well in your lives
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Re: Homeless
« Reply #1 on: June 3, 2018 01:25 pm CDT »
Any chance you can travel?
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