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Tribes & TRPG Social Media
« on: July 15, 2019 12:24 pm CDT »
We all know Facebook is bad, selling your personal info, etc. But if you're like me and probably many of us, we still use it to stay in touch with people so just be careful with what you put on there I guess. At any rate, if by some miracle there are people who check this forum and are on Facebook and are NOT yet a part of the PCRPG Facebook group, be aware that there is...well, a PCRPG Facebook group. It had about as much activity as this forum, but is a little more accessible to many.

Additionally, there are at least three Tribes and RPG-related Discord servers that are active right now:
  • Tribes 1 RPG, which I think I found through www.tribesrpg.rog (Phantom's realm, updated as of Oct. 2018 if you can believe it. I started a new character, come join me! I need a questing buddy.)
  • Tribes Talk, focused around Pick-up games of T1 v1.40 (, the version that was "leaked" so it's ostensibly better)
  • Tribes Reddit community, of which I only recently joined.

Of the three, it seems that "Tribes Talk" is by far the most active. They play daily pickup games, both organized tournament-style and for funsies on Rosco's Mixtape 1999.

If you're like me and are reaching out to try to find a new old community of Tribes and TRPG players, not all hope is lost.