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Guidelines and Etiquette for Forums [Updated 09/22/2004]
« on: August 26, 2004 06:50 am CDT »
Alright, I'm making a permanent post here concerning the guidelines I typically follow for editing content, banning, suspending, and posting.  I'll just post some quick sections with points to consider.  Nothing here is concrete (as in I reserve the right to change the guidelines at any time) and applies only to the normal members.  Moderators and administrators DO NOT have to necessarily follow these guides, as their duties are different and could possibly be used to contradict legitimate duties.

I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR A PERSON'S ACTIONS OR COVERSATIONS.  I reserve the right to moderate this forum at any level I see fit and will not be held responsible if I miss something or fail to act upon something.  By your posting here, you agree to be held 100% liable for your own actions and conversation.  Leave me out of it.

Rules For Posting
Violating these basic content guidelines will usually give me enough reason to edit your posts for you.  This does not mean you are free to post it in the first place.

    -Do not post directly, request, or link to any material that could be considered pornography, sexually explicit multimedia, extremely offensive multimedia (racial or otherwise), or questionable material.  If you aren't sure if it would be ok, you are probably considering borderline content anyway.  To be on the safe side, it might be in your best interests to ask or not post it.

    -Do not post directly, request, or link to any material that contains information for the use of pirated software (“Warezâ€Â?), serials, cracks, CD-keys, downloads for "warez" or other illegal software.  This applies to any copywritten work used without permission, not just software.

    -Do not post directly, request, or link to any material that condones hate crimes or activities.  For example, posting a link to a page about "Nazi Stomping the Jews Away" would be in violation of this rule.  I apologize to the neo Nazis out there, but you aren't welcome here if you are going to violate other people's rights.

Rules For Usage of Forums and/or Services
You people are intelligent, like it or not.  If you know an action you are about to do would be considered abuse, you are wise not to do it.

    -Do not "spam" the forums.  If you are caught adding multiple meaningless messages or posting a message in multiple forums, I reserve the right to ban you.  You've been warned, and I will probably not ban you outright.  I'll take into consideration newness to the forums and community, mistaken multi-posting, etc.  This is not an invitation for meaningless excuses.

    -You are not to abuse services.  This includes (but is not limited to) flooding the server, using security holes or vulnerabilities to overcome your intended access level, circumventing bans (or suspensions), and abusing bandwidth on this webserver.  Doing so can get you banned very quickly and possibly legal action filed.

    -You are not to circumvent a ban.  If one of your accounts has been banned or your usual IP address ranges banned, you are NOT to use IP spoofing services, additional accounts, or other means to continue to use the forums for the duration of your ban.  Doing so can get legal action filed against you.

    -You are not to solicit the assistance from another person with an account on these forums to post if you are banned or suspended.  This constitutes circumventing a ban and the above rules apply.  If you are allowing your account to be used in such a way, I reserve the right to ban you without any question.  If required, under a case that I may deem severe, I also reserve the right to file legal action against you as well.  That would only occur under special circumstances, such as if it is accompanied by exploitations or if you are a "partner in crime" to the person or persons originally banned or suspended.

ALL BANS ARE FINAL.  If you violate these terms and are banned, YOUR BAN should be treated as FINAL.  There is no second chance--my memory just isn't that good.  Once added to my list, you will not be removed short of God telling me to.  So, heed the warning and do not ever have a lapse of sanity.  Drunkenness, being high, incapacitated, your kitty walking on your keyboard, aliens, moving monoliths, terrorist outbreak, hostage forcing, bullet impacts, nuclear explosions, armageddon, notes from your mommy, decapitation, electrical short, electrocution, computer malfunction, program crash, enlightenment, epiphanies, passing out, fainting, wild horses, puberty, or anything else is no excuse.  Don't expect it to pass as one.

All headings are provided for convenience and may not be used to alter interpretation of these rules.  Use of any services available under the domain indicates that YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE to these terms.  I reserve the right to change this document as I see fit at any time.

Personal Note:
If you have been using these forums in the past, you should understand this.  Nothing is really changing--I'm just putting it in writing.
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